Getting bucked off & my tips for getting back in the Slimming World saddle

Slimming World is like riding a horse. When you get bucked off, you’ve got to get right back on and ride. We’ve all done it – had one of those days/weeks/events that sends us into the loving arms of the biscuit barrel or wine bottle. The key is to get back in the saddle, take the reins and occasionally give yourself a kick in the sides to remind yourself why you started and who’s boss. So, inspired by this weekend where I came a cropper, here’s my top tips to spur you on and get back on the Slimming World horse..

Slimming World is like a horse

Odds on favourite

Last week I decided to try the Extra Easy SP (EESP) eating plan. It took a little while to get my head round, but I found planning my meals and snacks at the start of the week really helped hit my stride.

I managed 5 EESP days and 7 days on-plan. I didn’t crave or need as many Syns and used only 63.5/105. I also achieved 240 minutes of Body Magic. So, feeling pretty smug, I headed off to my weekly weigh-in (Fridays) laden with yummy Syn free breakfast quiches for the classes’ Free Food Friday celebration.

Out of the running

I practically galloped onto the weighing scales in anticipation of a good loss (I’d set a target to lose 1.5lb) so imagine my disappointment and surprise when I gained 1.5lb!!!

Big boned horseNow, I should probably add at this point that I am with child (baby #2 due 1st August) so I will inevitably make healthy gains during my Slimming World journey. However, I couldn’t help feel a little cheated that my hard work hadn’t paid off.

I stayed for the meeting, which helped pick me up and stuck to my planned meals until the evening when I went wild. I ate double portions (all be it good food to start), added homemade chips (not planned or EESP) and then troughed at pick-n-mix.

The next day was pretty much the same. I scoffed a huge chocolate brownie and nibbled on some Millionaire shortbread followed by a McDonalds wrap for lunch. Then in the evening I ate cheese and crackers (not portioned or slimming friendly) followed by some orange Matchmakers and mini shortbread biscuits.

 Top tips for SW slip ups

Top tips for getting back in the saddle

1)    Don’t whip yourself – write it off

There is absolutely no benefit to beating yourself up about your disappointments or failures. Pick yourself up and dust yourself off. Remember it’s not a one-horse race, Slimming World is a journey and you’d bound to have the occasional miss-hap. Accept it and if you can learn from it – where did you go wrong? What could you have done differently? What can you do better/try next time?

2)    Give yourself a head start – plan

You’ve heard it before but failing to plan is planning to fail. Set some time aside at the end of each week to reflect on your successes and think about the improvements you want to make. Consider some of the big things/events happening over the next week – what challenges might you face? How do you plan to overcome them and what help will you need? Complete a weekly meal planner and make a shopping list of any essentials you need to buy.

3)    Reined in – EESP & reduce Syns

To minimize potential gains following a bad day/week try the EESP plan for a week or few days to reset your body and speed up your metabolism. Prep food ahead for those busy days and make extras. If you can reduce your Syns (but don’t punish yourself). Prepare and stock up on quick and healthy snacks like Slimming World hummus and crudities, fresh fruit, fat free cottage cheese and yoghurts, nuts (remember to Syn as appropriate or use as part of your Healthy Extra B). Try my recipe for Syn free quiche – perfect morning, noon and night?  

4)    Hitting your stride – Body Magic

Planning in exercise at the start of the week by booking gym classes or deciding to walk the kids to school, cycle to work or schedule a lunchtime jog can help up your Body Magic and burn some extra calories and we’re less likely to cry off. Think about what stops you exercising and how you can get over these hurdles. If you don’t like exercising on your own make plans with a friend, if you can’t get to the gym while looking after the kids why not run around the park while they cycle?

5)    Winning the race hands down – Reflection

Steps 1-4 should help you go the distance, but make sure you factor in some time to check-in on your progress and reflect on your achievements. Mid-way through the week sit review how you’re doing. Is your meal planner helping? Do you need to make some tweaks? Do you need to stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables? Have you achieved your planned Body Magic activities? At the end of the week list 5 great things about the week, any tips you learnt from group, new recipes you want to try, your weight loss for the week, but also your total loss so far.  

Most importantly, remember why you started your Slimming World journey and that by simply joining you’ve made a huge step in the right direction. I hope my personal downfall has helped reaffirm we’re only human and while it’s easy to veer off track from time-to-time, it’s just as easy to get back in the saddle

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Happy slimming,

Lisa-Marie XOXO



*Slimming World has worked with The Royal College of Midwives to develop its policy on the best way to support members’ pregnancy.

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