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Some days you wake up feeling flat, and I don’t mean in a toned svelte kind of a way, I mean the ‘meh’ way. When meh hits, it’s tempting to pull the duvet over your head, skip the gym and seek comfort in food and undo your Slimming World hard work, so here are my top tips for feeling less meh and more moi.

Last Sunday I woke up feeling meh – it’s an actual word I promise!) It means ‘expressing a lack on interest or enthusiasm.’ I felt like I hadn’t had enough sleep, I probably hadn’t given the number of trips to the loo you need to make when pregnant, so felt groggy and generally bummed out for no reason, given I’d just woken up.

Now, typically on a Sunday morning I meet a friend for a spinning class at 10am followed by a coffee and catch up. Last Sunday however I wasn’t feeling it and debated bailing on her. As I lay in bed I began to scroll through my Instagram newsfeed and it became apparent I wasn’t the only one experiencing a meh morning.

When meh hits, it’s tempting to pull the duvet over your head, skip the gym and seek comfort in food.

I decided that if I stayed in bed and didn’t do my planned exercise for the day, I’d probably lounge around for a bit, have breakfast and beat myself up for… a) going totally off-plan Slimming World wise the night before, b) not going to spin, and c) eat more crap. So, I decided to get up and off my arse and kick meh’s butt right outta town.

I re-read my own blog post for getting back in the Slimming World saddle after an off-plan weekend – well you’ve got to practise what you preach right? I kept my date with the spin bike and my friend, made delicious healthy meals, and was kinder to myself.


meh cat

Top Tips For Feeling Less Meh & More Moi

  • Get up

When you feel meh (and I don’t mean sick/unwell) don’t wallow in bed, it rarely makes you feel any better and often sets you up for a bad start to the day. Instead, get up – make a tea/coffee, have a shower and plan an outfit for the day that makes you feel good.

  • Get planning 

Having a plan in place means we’re more likely to feel motivated to carry it out. You don’t need to write it down (although it helps) but think about what you have to get done, what you’d like to do, how you can make fit in some exercise, and your meals.

  • Get breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so don’t skip it. People who eat breakfast tend to have more energy, perform better and eat healthier through the day. Make it exciting, not repetitive. Short on time? Try overnight oats, fruit salad and toast.

  • Get a move on

Plan some exercise into your day – walk to work / the kids to school, cycle, fit in a lunchtime run, book a class. Exercise not only helps burn calories it heightens our mood, helps our bones to become stronger and lessens the risk of osteoporosis later in life.

  • Get chatting

As the BT advert famously said “It’s good to talk” and it’s true. If you can, have a real conversation, don’t text. Arrange to meet a friend, go for a walk after work with your other half, call your mum! After all, a problem shared is a problem halved 😉

  • Get cooking

You’ve planned your meals so there’s no need to worry about not having the right ingredients / enough time. Make food from scratch, add as many vegetables for speed and colour as you can – search Instagram for some great ‘fake-away’ meal inspiration.

  • Get entering

If you’re short of cash or fancy a pick-me-up, search Instagram for giveaways. Lots of Slimming World members (including myself) run giveaways for follower milestones, so it’s a great way to win some swag and spur each other on – you’ve got to be in it to win it!

Hopefully you’re now feeling more motivated to get up and get on, but if you don’t that’s okay too. Just don’t let meh ruin your Slimming World journey and undo the hard work you’ve already done. Be kind to yourself, we can’t be shiny, happy people everyday!

Happy munching!

Lisa-Marie XOXO

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