Slimming World Survival Kit Winner & Top Tips for Staying On Plan

and the winner is.PNG

And the winner of my Slimming World Survival Kit picked by a random number generator from all the correct entries is !!!

Like I always say, you’ve got to be in it to win it. a huge congratulations to Jayne, please send me a message via Instagram to claim your prize!

To the rest of my followers a massive thank you for helping me to reach the 200 follower milestone, I hope you’re enjoying following my Slimming World journey.

As part of the giveaway process, everyone was asked to comment below the post with their top tip for sticking to Slimming World and leading a healthy lifestyle. So, even if you didn’t win, why not take 5 minutes to read what everyone had to say.

I have posted all the top tips below for ease and attributed them to the wise, so if you’d like some new Instagram accounts to follow for inspiration check them out!

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Here is our winner Jayne’s top tip for Slimming World and leading a healthy lifestyle, along with all the other wise words other entrants shared: – TIP… Use digital scales to weigh HEX B! I wouldn’t be without mine!

@altis_slimmingworldjourney – use 0% Fage Total to substitute cream cheese for sauces, or salad cream. Also, add a third plate of speed!

@pollyann49 – salads don’t need to be boring, add fruit and HEX A cheese along with all sorts of beans to add texture.

@menzyb9 – portion sizes are important!

@zobobush – best tip is to plan ahead so you’re never left to impulse buy, also batch cooking!

@slish66 – best tip is always plan your meals.

@louxbooks – write down your Syns or you can go over!

@suejok – batch cook! I try to plan a week of meals ahead, write everything down (at the time) and try different recipes to keep it interesting. It also helps to have plenty of free food in the fridge/cupboard.

@bootsieboo11 – have a stock of freshly made veg soup in the fridge for a delicious lunchtime meal.

@Nicole_sw_targetmember – always weigh and measure your food.

@paula_sw_foodie – my best advice…. batch cooking is the way forward! Save time and keep on plan with no excuses!

@amandabessie1 – always stay true to yourself and never dodge the scales or give in to temptation, stay strong!

@ali.parry – water, water, water!

@zha_sw_pbc – teeny choc drops (12 is 1 Syn!) a lovely low Syn choc hit.

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Happy munching!

Lisa-Marie XOXO

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