My Journey

Oh for f*cks sake you might be thinking another mummy/diet/fitness blog! And, if you are screw you, click on and read something else. But, if you’ve ever struggled with your weight or are looking for some food, fitness and family-fun inspiration read on…

Blood, sweat & chias is a personal blog to motivate me (and hopefully you) to eat, move, laugh more, because food, fitness and family matters – well to me anyway!

I recently joined Slimming World and decided to keep an honest, visual diary of my food, weigh-in results and weight-loss transformation onInstagram(along with all the other mummy/diet/fitness freaks) so go on give me a follow if you like that sort of thing.


I’ve struggled with my weight through a good proportion of my life, tried almost every diet going and failed numerous times. The thing is I love food. I’m obsessed with it. I’m the sort of gal that plans her next meal while she’s eating the current one.

At my heaviest I weighed just under 15 stone – probably more at one point but I wasn’t brave enough to step on the sad step and admit it.

Right, cringe moment. My tipping point and the photograph that made me fess up…

My tipping point. On the left is a photo of me age 18 and weighing around 15 stone. On the right is me on my wedding day, age 35 weighing around 11 stone.

This was it. This photo (above left) of a plump girl looking reasonably happy, was the last straw. Inside I was drowning in self-hatred, I was depressed and felt helpless.

I was on holiday with my family and what should’ve been a time to relax, enjoy the sunshine and make memories, was my own private hell.

Being overweight, I spent most of the holiday stressing about what to wear, how to cover my thighs and stop them from rubbing in the heat, and comparing myself to my sister.

I had several arguments with my parents that holiday about them wanting to take photos, which left me in tears. I was embarrassed and selfish.

The worse thing was I knew I had let myself get like this, no-one was to blame but me. I felt like a big fat failure. And, if I’m honest I didn’t even think I ate all that bad.

Truth was I was clueless when it came to food and lacked will power. I was, and still am to some extent, an emotional eater – eat when I’m sad, mad and glad!

So, I joined a local slimming club and lost almost 5 stone. It changed my life not just my dress size and now I’m pleased to say food and I share a much healthier relationship.

I’m my priority

I‘m now a thirty-something mum to a four (going on fourteen) year old boy, Joshua. But, when I fell pregnant I was terrified it would put me right back where I started.

While I haven’t lost all my ‘baby-weight’ I’m pleased to say the good habits I formed saw me through a healthy pregnancy and beyond.

Becoming a mum made me realise I have the best reason to stay fit and healthy and a responsibility to introduce and educate my little boy, Joshua. about the joys of good food.

The last few years have been crazy though, throwing lots of hefty highs and lows at me – and I don’t mean just on the scales.

Adjusting to being a mum, returning to work, severe anxiety, changing jobs, moving (3 times!!!) setting up a business, organising a wedding and two events has taken its toll.

During this time I learnt a lot about myself – what makes me truly happy, that it’s never too late to start again, how strong I am and that anything is possible.

I’m pleased to say life has calmed down and we’re planning on expanding the family very soon, so right now I’m making me my priority.

On the 5th January 2018 I joined a Slimming World group in Banbury run by the very welcoming and encouraging Mel Allcroft and I’m very much enjoying the journey.

If you’re a fellow Slimming Worlder or are looking for some food, fitness and family-fun inspiration, then please subscribe to this blog and follow me @bloodsweatchias on Instagram, so that we can support each other, swap recipes, tips and advice.

And, remember – if you can dream it, you can achieve it!

Best wishes,

Lisa-Marie XOXO

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